Whether we admit it or not, most of us will hold some form of unconscious bias. What this bias refers to and how it affects outcomes will differ between all of us. However of concern  is when this bias comes in to affect our judgement decisions in the HR field. When applying for job positions […]

The world of recruitment is changing. While head hunting has been around for forever and a day, before it was generally reserved for use with only senior positions or unique skill sets. However in today’s world, the increasing use of the technology makes finding top talent much easier. Hirers are utilising online sources to search […]

Whether you love, like, tolerate or simply hate your job, the arrival of some form of blues as Sunday eve beckons is not uncommon.  The 52 hour period between clocking off on Friday and checking back in on Monday can often move so quickly that once Sunday returns, a looming cloud can appear over your […]

Our economy is currently pushing through a tough time. While the struggling economy has many consequences, one of the dire effects is the current job market. Unemployment levels are floating around historically high marks. While concern exists across the market as a whole, one segment of particular vulnerability is that of youth, those aged 15-24. […]

In today’s interconnected society, the term “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is becoming increasing relevant. Networking is the process of building a set of business connections. Networking opens you up to a world of new people, who work together to progress both business and career prospects. Many people utilise network connections […]

In the job interview scenario, the employer holds the upper hand – they control the discussion, the length, and ultimately the outcome of it. Often recommend and often ignored, is the advice for interviewees to ask questions in return. Not only does this allow the static one way dialogue to turn into a more freely […]

In the 1980’s, Australia took some of the first steps towards encouraging  an equal playing field for women in the business world. In 1984, the Sex Discrimination Act was legislated and in 1985, the Diversity Council of Australia was established. However despite these efforts, 30 years later, the gender pay gap is now worse than […]