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Is there a place for pay transparency in the workplace?

In the past, talking about pay was a workplace taboo. However as the push towards pay equality grows stronger, companies are shifting towards a transparent payroll. Pay transparency is what it says, a visible and publicly available database stating employees’ salaries. While  concerns of confidentially immediately pop to mind, most of the information is nonspecific, […]

ConGRADulations – how to get that Graduate or entry level job

After years of group assignments, lecturers struggling with PowerPoint slides and countless assignments submitted, you’re finished, you have the oversized piece of paper in your hand but now it is time to find your first job. It can be a daunting and difficult experience, especially in this current market of high youth unemployment. While highly […]

How To Get That Pay Rise

The subject of salary is often a tough discussion to bring up but if you think you deserve a raise, it is one you need to have. While many companies have annual salary reviews, others do not and the topic of review only starts if you initiate it. Either way, to make sure you have […]

The Benefits of using External Trainers in Your Workplace

The best investment a business will ever make is an investment in its staff. After all, staff drive every decision, every service, every solutions and ultimately every success a company has. Therefore, for workplaces to grow a company needs to continually be addressing workplace improvement.  Whether it is to address a current workplace need or […]

Should all company’s be adopting Reverse Mentoring?

Mentoring is a well-used tool to encourage employee retention, company succession and overall improvement in workplace productivity. Many companies have in place mentoring programs to foster successful growth opportunities between lower level and less experienced employees with more senior mentors.  However, in recent times, companies have been adopting the concept of ‘Reverse Mentoring’ whereby again […]


The way of recruitment is changing. Traditionally, an ad was placed and hirers searched and screened applicants who showed interest in the position. However, today with the increase in professional social media and networking sites, recruiters have the ability to review diverse talent and reach out with to them with opportunities, regardless of if the […]


While your experience may be exceptional, your achievements highlighted and your references beaming a poor first impression can still hinder your ability to get the job. The first few minutes are generally unspoken but these observations can have a big affect on the job outcome. After all, these observations play a crucial part in how […]