ConGRADulations – how to get that Graduate or entry level job

After years of group assignments, lecturers struggling with PowerPoint slides and countless assignments submitted, you’re finished, you have the oversized piece of paper in your hand but now it is time to find your first job. It can be a daunting and difficult experience, especially in this current market of high youth unemployment. While highly competitive, entry level jobs still exist, so effectively highlighting your skills and experience is crucial, but can be hard when you don’t have years of employment behind you. Follow these tips to make sure you shine.


That great attitude of yours – make it known

Entry level jobs are exactly what they say they are – entry level. Hirers aren’t looking for someone with exceptional experience, they are looking for someone with the knowledge and desire to learn and grow. Working hard, staying focused and a keenness to develop are key factors for these hirers. So make sure if you have it, make it known. Highlighting personal achievements will indicate to readers you have stayed committed and achieved before, and you can do it again in the job.


Look for transferable skills

So you are looking to start your career in a professional industry but only have several years of retail or hospitality work behind you? Look for specific skills which you used in these jobs which are necessary for the industry you are hoping to move into. All those years talking to customers probably have developed some pretty effective communication skills. Similarly, did you work with others, perhaps developing some highly sought after team work skills? Think more deeply about your role and you will be impressed by the skills you have to bring.


Don’t disregard university or school achievements

University curriculums are designed to give you skills and experiences to make you ready for the workforce. Any notable experiences or achievements done through university are worth a mention on your CV. An award? Great mark? Participation in competition? If it is relevant to showing your capabilities, it is worth including.


Consider internships or work experience

While many Grads undertake internships during their university degree, if you haven’t yet considered doing one before, perhaps now is the time. These experiences will give you crucial hands on experience in your field of choice, while also indicating your desire to learn and commit to this career path.


Know the role and tailor the application accordingly

Fresh out of uni, you will likely to be sending out mass applications. However don’t let tailoring slide. Sending out a generic letter will not assist you getting a job. Hirers want to see someone passionate about their company with real desire to work there. Know what their company is about, their direction and how what you do, will add value to their objectives. It is a lengthier process but will result in much greater interest in you.



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