How To Get That Pay Rise

The subject of salary is often a tough discussion to bring up but if you think you deserve a raise, it is one you need to have. While many companies have annual salary reviews, others do not and the topic of review only starts if you initiate it. Either way, to make sure you have the best possible chance of getting that raise, you need to go in sufficiently prepared. How so? Follow the tips below.


Get the Facts from HR

Before speaking to your manager, find out about company policies regarding pay raises. Are they conducted as part of the new financial year budget or perhaps annually, either on a specified date or your personal anniversary of commencement? This will allow you to pursue with the appropriate knowledge and timing of what is needed for a successful application.


Do your research

Know what the salary and benefits a similar individual in your position would be receiving but also consider the current state of both the market and your company at this time. If your company is just pulling through, there is probably going to be little room for negotiation. By having thorough research, you will be able to set realistic expectations of what you can ask for, and more so, what you may actually receive.


Make a Persuasive Case

Thinking you deserve a raise is not enough, you need to put good reasons out to your manager as to what you have done to justify a bigger pay check. Clear examples of what you have done including notable achievements, extra responsibilities, the costs you saved, how you provided excellent service are all good starting points. You need to be your own advocate. While your manager oversees you, they do not note all your achievements and document reasons as to why you should get a raise. Make sure to write out your pitch with your requested increase and outline of your reasons. That way you can leave your manager with something to reflect on, but also ensuring that you do not forgot any key points.


Approach for a Salary Review Meeting and Discuss openly

In your email request for a meeting, make sure it is known that you would like to discuss salary – that way it is not an awkward surprise for your manager, catching them off guard when the meeting takes place. Furthermore, if they know what to expect they will come to the meeting being prepared to negotiate. During discussion time, your manager will listen to your reasons but you need to respectful to them. Don’t make it sound like you are being underpaid. Keeping a little bit of humbleness about your achievements will go further than being too confident to the point it is demeaning to the reviewer. Once you present your reasons listen graciously to the response, and be prepared for both positive and negative news.


Get Feedback

An acceptance of the salary pay rise is generally good indication of your work however if it is declined, ask for feedback as to your performance and future expectations. Constructive criticism can be hard but is necessary if you want to make sure you get the raise next time around.




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