The Benefits of using External Trainers in Your Workplace

The best investment a business will ever make is an investment in its staff. After all, staff drive every decision, every service, every solutions and ultimately every success a company has. Therefore, for workplaces to grow a company needs to continually be addressing workplace improvement.  Whether it is to address a current workplace need or perhaps advance skills sets in specific employees, for example managers, the ongoing training of staff is inevitable if a company wants to see ongoing success. However, when it comes to how to implement this crucial training, businesses face a choice – undertake internal training, utilising current employees to run it, or reach out to use an external training provider. The use of external providers is often overlooked or rejected as many companies fail to see the real value an outsider can bring to their workplace, but external providers can bring some significant benefits.


Highly skilled with specialist knowledge

An external provider’s job focuses solely on understanding workplaces, and from this they hold expertise in  diverse workplace matters that many internal providers would not have. These trainers have a higher level of education and understanding about workplace practices, and with this advanced knowledge can perform efficient presentations which drive effective performance in workers. This specialist knowledge is highly sought after in the industry, and can provide great benefits to the problems or challenges in the workplace that internal providers could not address as effectively.


Greater breadth of expertise

External providers work with vast companies in very different industries. From this experience, they have learnt about and developed different ways of approaching workplace problems and have real life case studies of success. From this experience they can offer fresh perspective and utilise different approaches to address the issues in your company.


A Tailored Solution

Many companies believe external providers provide generic, industry compatible sessions. However, only a poor provider will deliver that. Seeking out a qualified facilitator will ensure that each session presented is tailored for the individual company they are working with.


Open and relaxed atmosphere

While some workplaces have very open environments, in others, participants may feel hesitant to speak about issues and feelings when the presentation is done by a known individual of whom they have common interaction with. Participants have no relationship with external providers so will not feel intimidated or concerned that discussion points will have impact on their company bearing.


All-inclusive price

On paper, many companies can be put off by the cost of external sources compared to utilizing a staff member already on the payroll. However when making this judgement many decision makers fail to see the costs involved in running a training session.  Content development, presentation delivery, materials used as well as follow up –all these costs can really add. For an external provider these considerations are all inclusive in their price.


The Pursuit Difference

At Pursuit, we offer comprehensive HR training sessions covering diverse workplaces issues. Run by our highly qualified Training Director, Linda Newby, these sessions provide participants practical and effective solutions to real workplace challenges or events. Linda works closely with organisations to ensure a complete understanding of their workplace dynamics and challenges, to then tailor the session accordingly. Sometimes the challenge a workplace is facing is hidden. Linda’s years of experience has developed her ability to dissect the real problem from the visible symptoms.  Having worked with high level managers to volunteers in non for profits, Linda has developed a unique ability to connect with very diverse stakeholders and train them to better themselves for the better of the business.


Some of the sessions which have successfully been delivered to SA clients include:

  • Effective Communication
  • WHS Work Health and Safety
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Dealing with Challenging People
  • Positive Assertiveness
  • Handling Change
  • Time Management
  • Writing Email for Business


Linda understands different levels of staff have different needs and has developed a range of sessions exclusively for Managers. With her strong background in high performance leadership and management, she understands the impact effective management has on business performance. Each session focuses on key managerial issues, including:

  • Managing Change
  • Giving Performance Feedback
  • What Good Managers Do Differently
  • Keeping Staff Motivated And Engaged
  • Coaching Skills For Managers


With competitive rates and a proven track record, Pursuit’s HR Training sessions are the investment in your staff that they are waiting for. We encourage you to speak to Linda to discuss your current business position and the success other company’s have had addressing these issues.


To find out more about the HR Training Solutions please visit or call Linda on 08 8410 5710.




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