While your experience may be exceptional, your achievements highlighted and your references beaming a poor first impression can still hinder your ability to get the job. The first few minutes are generally unspoken but these observations can have a big affect on the job outcome. After all, these observations play a crucial part in how people perceive you and these opinions can majorly influence hirers judgement about how you will fit into the role and company. So how would you like to be perceived? Surely as the highly competent, reliable and professional candidate they need in their team. Follow these tips to ensure you are portraying the best version of you.


Don’t be late

In fact be slightly early. Being punctual is a given – if you show up late to an interview what is the hirer going to gather about your punctuality every day for work. If something happens which means you may be late, call as soon as you anticipate and inform them of your delay with an approximate timeframe.


Dress to impress

Make sure you dress correctly for the position. Different industries have different dress standards but make sure you are neatly presented no matter what, and if in doubt, dress up.  By dressing correctly it will give confidence to your employer that you are professional.


Shake Hands

Shaking hands is a professional greeting and important for hirers to know you will respectfully interact with clients and stakeholders.  Make sure the shake is firm and with good eye contact. This will indicate confidence to them. If the hirer does not initiate a handshake, extend your outs to initiate it yourself.


Be Nice to the Receptionist

The receptionist may not be the hiring manager, but you never know how their impression may alter the outcome. In the end, the receptionist sees everyone who comes in and out of the the building and can make a judgement as to everyone’s demeanor. By starting off on the right foot, you will be making a good impact on the entire company, not just those who have the wining say.


Maintain good posture

No one wants to maintain conversation with someone slouched over furniture or uncomfortably hunched forward. So sit up straight, walk straight, shoulders back. Doing this has beneficial outcomes not only for your future medical bills, but for your performance review. Poor posture can indirectly show sloppy behavior whereas sitting upright, shoulders back will portray confidence.



A smile goes a long way. Make sure to smile at the receptionist on the way in and out, and throughout the interview. Not only will it make you seem like a positive and happy people, but it will be allow you to feel more confident and optimistic about the position. But before you start, make sure to check to your smile before an interview. Nothing is worse than talking to someone with broccoli stuck in their teeth.


Within the first few moments a hirer will make judgements as to you, which may affect the outcome of the interview more than you think. Silent observations as to how you interact with others and present yourself may be the fine line between you getting the job and the respectful decline.





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